We are strong patriotic organization comprising of retired government professionals from various fields with 75 years of rich expertise in servicing mankind and now dedicated for extending A to Z Services for an Non-Resident Keralite. Statistics shows NRK's who are just 45% of Kerala population contribute 80% towards the Kerala State economy. In our view they sacrifice their majority life outside their comfort zone helping their families and country grow better. We are committed to make the life of our NRK friends comfortable with the support of our service arm with huge network of service professionals spread across the country.


Why we started?

Most of the NRK's work hard for years leaving their family, friends, and relatives sacrificing their personal matters like family functions, colorful festivals and nostalgic moments happening in their home land. When we see some of our NRK friends coming for leave for a limited period, after years of hard work they experience a tough time dealing with the complexities of the local systems. They find it very difficult to deal with smaller to bigger issues including governmental affairs in this stipulated time. By fighting with these kinds of challenges they lose money, piece of mind and their precious time. When we come across these kinds of cases we have decided to introduce “SaKaEM Pravasi Support Services" – One Stop Solution for NRK- for giving relaxed and self-fulfilling vacations for all NRKs in India. We extend a true helping hand to all our NRK fiends by giving our rich expert services in all the realm of life.

We are well versed with the various requirements that you may have – and we have apt and easy solutions for those. Our helping hand and reliable service born out of rich experience will help you enjoy your quality time with your family and friends in India.

We primarily focus to provide services to people who have attachments in Kerala , it could be a property  or it could be your parents or your children, relatives or someone close to you or you have business that is running in Kerala but yet you have to focus on your other side of the business abroad. No matter who you are , we want to provide you the A to Z services in which you are able to manage and control not being in Kerala. We have a team of retired government officers who are Subject matter experts in different aspects of the Kerala Government, One the partners is a retired village officer as he knows every inch of the property in Kerala , Along with him we have consultants who are very closely knitted with the process and we have designated them as  Advisors or I should say consultants , We see this company as a profit sharing organization , I always admired the fact on how Indian Coffee house runs their business , that is exactly what I see with this organization.  As a result the customer will get the best results as there is a reward for each of us only when the mission is successful.


Financial Institutions benefit  from our full services receivables management solutions, including:

• Purchased debt

• Collection services

• Receivables management

• Hardship Services

• Legal and insolvency services

• Credit management training and

• Credit consulting, advice and assessment.